How To Play PSX Games on Your PC

The original Sony Playstation is perhaps my favourite game console - it had a sleek, cool design that I think still holds up today, along with decent processing power and a fantastic slew of games, including Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and the original Metal Gear! In this article I'm going to show you how you can play your old PSX games right on your PC without the console.

1. Installing the Emulator

Of course, to play our games we're going to need a piece of software to run them and 'emulate' the console - today we're going to be using ePSXe, the best-known and most widely used example. You can download it here: LINK
Go ahead and install the software when it's downloaded, and close it for now.

2. Installing the Disc Backup software (OPTIONAL)

This step technically speaking is optional, but it will allow you to store 'backups' of your Playstation games on your PC's hard drive, preventing wear and tear on your valuable discs.
We'll use a tool called IMGBurn to do this, it's free and easy to use.
You can download it here: LINK

3. Using IMGBurn to back up the game discs (OPTIONAL)

Insert your game disc into your computer's CD drive, then open up the IMGBurn software.
Click 'Create Image File From Disc', then choose your CD drive under the source selection and set the name and location of the destination file. Be sure that the file type is set to .ISO (The others would work but .ISO seems to be most consistent and is the most widely used for this type of thing. The program will then generate a complete 'virtual disk' -  a perfect digital reproduction of your cherished game. Once this is done, you can go ahead and close IMGBurn.

4. Setting up ePSXe

Okay, we're ready to set up the software properly! You will need a BIOS file and some plugins for it work correctly.


Go to the folder on your computer where ePSXe in installed, and drag the bios file into the 'bios' folder, and the plugins into the 'plugins' folder (shocking, right?). Now open up the software, find the Config menu at the top and select Wizard Guide, the first option.

4.1. For the BIOS option, choose SCPH1001 - USA.
4.2. Now choose a VIDEO PLUGIN - Pete's OpenGL 2.9 or any of the recent D3D plugins will work just fine. Hit the Config button and look for buttons that say 'Fast' and 'Nice'. If you're running on a modern PC, hit the 'Nice' option, or if that gets laggy you can always come back and set this to 'Fast' later. There are also options to set custom resolutions and texture preferences - have a play if you're a competent PC user.
4.3. For a SOUND PLUGIN, I tend to use the bundled ePSXE SPU core, although I've heard excellent things about the Eternal SPU plugin. This one won't need to be configured.
4.4 Leave the CDROM PLUGIN as it is, this one should just be fine.
4.5. Configure the PADS by selecting controller one and altering your keybindings. If you have a USB gamepad to use, you can configure this here too!

Congratulations! The software is now configured and you're ready to play! If you didn't back up your discs to the hard drive (skipping steps 2 and 3), just pop your PSX disc into the CD drive and go File > Run CDROM. If you did, hit File > Run ISO and select your game image in the appropriate location.

I hope you've enjoyed this guide and wish you many happy hours of Playstation emulation!