The Smart Way To Buy PC Games!

One of the biggest factors that draws people to play on the PC platform (#masterrace)
is the noticeably lower cost of games when compared to consoles. Even with brand new AAA titles, typically on a console they will cost around £45, whereas the same game is usually available on PC for £30-35. The marvels of digital distribution platforms such as Steam and Origin, as well as some handy websites that I will get into in this article, can make sure that you are buying games the smart way and saving yourself time and money when building your library.

1 - SteamGameSales

This tool is phenomenally helpful when trying to find the best deals to pick up right now. My general tactic is to sort the game list by percentage savings, and check out those that are 80-90% off. If there's a gem on offer, at this saving I will generally not hesitate to pick it up.
What's more, this list covers not only Steam, but also sites such as Green Man Gaming and GamersGate, so you can be sure that you'll never miss a trick.

2 - Humble Bundle

Welcome to a sadly little-known but incredibly good value method of purchasing - bundles.
The bottom line is you pay what you want (minimum $1 to get the Steam transaction to work properly), with more codes for the more you pay. Simple, right? There are several purchase 'tiers', so for example paying the minimum of $1 will net you say 3 less expensive titles, a $5 tier would get you the lower 3 plus another 2, and then a $12 tier would get you the previous 5 as well as 1 more expensive title. There is an incredible amount of value usually on offer here, and the site gets brand new bundles every single week!

3 - Bundle Stars

In a similar vein to Humble Bundle, BundleStars offers collections of games at a fixed price, but usually at a tremendous saving of 80-95% compared to retail. What's more, the bundles are usually themed around a particular genre or setting, so there might be a collection of isometric RPG games on offer, or a large bunch of classic shmups.

4 - Green Man Gaming Deal Of The Day

Green Man Gaming is one of the larger game distribution sites, and is really great when looking for cheap Steam codes. Every single day at 4pm a new deal comes open, and I've had some praiseworthy savings this way before.

Do you know any ways to get games cheaper than the norm? Be sure to drop me a message via the contact page!

Article By: Ollie