Xeox Speedlink Wireless PC Controller

Just as I believe in using high quality keyboards and mice to interact with your PC, you should use quality hardware to interact with your games console or system when gaming. Nothing breaks immersion not having fine control over your character, and recently my Razer Sabertooth sadly finally died, so I needed to pick up a new controller. What I ended up with was the Speedlink Xeox Pro.

It’s a third party take on the classic Xbox 360 wireless controller, supporting both Direct and Xinput, and works on both Windows PCs and OSX Yosemite with some minor tweaking. The Pro connects to your system via a fairly chunky USB receiver, which is not as neat as the smaller offerings from competitors such as Logitech, but will not cause any issue whatsoever for the majority of users.

It's certainly a good-looking gamepad.

It’s a stylish design, matte black with red LEDs, which feels ergonomically virtually identical to its inspiration. There are a couple of very subtle differences, such as the shoulder buttons feeling a little lighter which is nice for action games, and the D-pad feels a little more solid, although that really doesn’t take much doing, does it. Otherwise it’s essentially business as usual, apart from the addition of a rapid-fire button which, while it can be a little fiddly to setup during gameplay, does work very well.

Performance during my testing has been excellent, the manufacturer claims stable operation up to 10 metres away, and while I haven’t been able to get quite that far away due to the size of my student accommodation, I’ve had zero experience with lag or signal dropouts, even with obstructions between the controller and its receiver.

The receiver is a little larger than a standard USB flash drive.

The device has a nicely grippy texture which makes long gaming sessions very comfortable, and the battery will certainly last them out. I’ve found thatcharging the inbuilt non-replaceable battery takes a couple of hours, which will net you about 15-20 hours of gameplay which is just superb, a damn sight more than the specified 10.

Overall, think of the Xeox Speedlink as a superior alternative to Microsoft’s standard offering at a slightly lower price, usually available at around £25 here in the UK. A wired alternative is also available, but with the amazing battery life of this wireless unit, I’m more than comfortable recommending this as one of the best third party options out there.

Author: Ollie Burton

Ollie is a student at Newcastle University in the UK studying Cellular & Molecular Biology. In his spare time he operates this website, is an avid gaming & film fan and plays in a blues-rock band, as well as editing for the University's student newspaper, The Courier.