Razer Sabertooth Review

Anyone who watches my Youtube Let's Plays will likely have heard me bring up this device now and again. It's my primary gamepad, not the only one I own, but certainly the one that lives on my desk and sees most use, so I thought I'd take five minutes of your time to tell you why you should own one.

The success to their previous entry, the Onza, it's one cool looking piece of gaming tech. Featuring a slim, elegant profile very similar to that of Microsoft's standard Xbox 360 controller, it fits extremely well in the hands, and a slightly grippy texture means you won't lose your grasp even once the inevitable sweat from a long gaming session starts to appear.

So why should you spend the extra cash to pick this one up over the regular offering?

The Sabertooth comes with a few features to set it apart from the competition - an excellent D pad (usually not great on most controllers), LED backlit buttons on the right hand side, and the crowning feature, removable programmable triggers on the back! These offer a staggering advantage for FPS players, as you no longer have to remove your thumb from the analog stick in order to lob a grenade, for example. Unfortunately the triggers do not act as separate, keybindable switches in their own right, and can only duplicate an existing button, and while that feature would have been nice to see, it really hasn't bothered me at all.

Upon comparison to a standard 360 controller, I noticed a couple of things. Firstly, the analog sticks seemed to me much more precise on the Sabertooth. I didn't pick up on this until I started Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, but it really made a difference in this type of play environment. Secondly, mechanical switches! The A, B, X and Y buttons all have mechanical switches underneath as opposed to membrane pads, which gives a wonderfully tactile feel and a tiny audible 'click'.
So satisfying.

I very much liked the detachable USB cable, which simply unscrews from the front of the controller and goes easily into the included storage case. A common complaint from 360 controller owners (at least that I know) is that the point where the cable joins the body of the controller is rather flimsy, so this was a really nice touch. You also get a couple of grip-tips for the analog sticks, as well as the trigger removal tool.

Now at around £70, it is certainly not a cheap asking price, nearly three times that of a typical Xbox 360 controller. However, you're getting much better build quality, inherent longevity due to the detachable cable, and my personal favourite aspect, the mechanical switches. After owning the Sabertooth, I'll never go back to a membrane-type pad. It's spoiled me, but I feel that it really enhances the play experience, and very highly recommend it to any gamer out there.