Welcome to my Disney's Tarzan Walkthrough/FAQ. This is a comprehensive list of every single TARZAN letter and monkey sketch you can find within the game.
While I will not detail the location of every single coin, locating these collectibles will more than likely help you find 100% of the coins in each level.
Also included is a picture gallery to show their onscreen positions, to make finding them that bit easier for you wonderful gamers out there.
Note - In order to achieve a perfect score, you must collect every coin in each level, every TARZAN letter and every monkey sketch.

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Game Title: Disney's Tarzan
Release Platforms: Sony PSX, PC, Nintendo 64
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Action Platformer

Cross: Jump
Square: Throw fruit (underhand)
Circle: Ground pound
Triangle: Throw fruit (overhand)
L1 - Knife slash
R1 - Knife jab
D-Pad/Analog: Move (Supports analog control)

Items & Collectibles:
Coin - Find all of them in a level to achieve 100% score. Collecting 100 will earn you an extra life!
Knife - Allows Tarzan to perform a close range attack with his trusty knife.
Terk Icon - Summons Terk to provide a helpful hint (only found in levels 1 and 2).
TARZAN Letter - Collect all 6 letters to earn a movie clip!
Monkey Sketch - Collect all 4 to play the bonus level and earn extra lives!
Bananas - Slightly restores Tarzan's health meter.
Orange Fruit - Grants you a health increase for that level, allowing Tarzan to take more damage.
Blue Fruit - Smartbomb, wipes out all enemies currently on the screen.
Pink Fruit - Fragmenting weapon, spawns smaller fruit pieces to cause further damage.
Purple Fruit - High damage projectile.

Cheat Codes:
Enable Cheat Menu - At main menu press Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down
Infinite Lives - L1, R1, L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2
Level Select - L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L2, R2

Level 1 - Welcome To The Jungle

Coin Total:
Knife Location: At the top of the tall climbable tree.

T: Immediately underneath a checkpoint, next to a Terk help icon. Head backwards under the hollow tree containing a banana bunch before the vine.
A: When moving through the hollow tree with a lemur walking along the top, jump up and back on yourself and head to the trunk.
R: Hidden inside the base of the tree trunk you can climb to reach your knife. Next to the blue smartbomb fruit.
Z: After running through the trunk of a tree and collecting another blue smartbomb fruit, drop down and run backwards to the trunk.
A: When jumping on the antelope, get flung upwards to reach this letter among the coins.
N: Just after the previous letter, run along the hollow trunk and drop down to come back on yourself.

Monkey Sketch 1: By the vertical trunk directly behind a checkpoint.
Monkey Sketch 2: Above the cliff directly before the antelope section.
Monkey Sketch 3: After collecting the N, kill the hanging monkey and run left into the foreground into the flowerbed.
Monkey Sketch 4: At the very end of the level next to the large hollow tree.

Level 2 - Going Ape

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Above the frog hopping on the log at the start of the level.

T: At the very start of the level, jump upwards from the log with the frog and defeat the lemur.
A: Ground pound the green mossy floor after collecting the first sketch.
R: Bounce from the bird's nest up and left, then up and right from the next one you reach.
Z: Jump from the raised mound through the coins onto a branch, then swing across two vines.
A: Ground pound above the bananas, dropping through the tree (birds are circling this area).
N: Head right from the A and ground pound near the termite mounds before you begin the tree slide.

Monkey Sketch 1: Visible in the background, hop down from the checkpoint and run back to the left around the corner.
Monkey Sketch 2: On the forest floor, next to the yellow bouncy plant.
Monkey Sketch 3: When you reach the vine hanging over a chasm, swing back to your left.
Monkey Sketch 4: Run over the hollow log where you can drop through, and climb the tree with the blue lizard.

Level 3 - The Elephant Hair Dare

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Above the enemy on the log at the start of the level.

T: Hop off the log at the start of the level and swing from the vine onto the branch.
A: When dropping down the rocks near the waterfall, reach the bottom and run around to the left.
R: Head to the right from Z, and hop to the orange fruit, then the blue. Jump right from the blue fruit to reach another platform.
Z: Jump above the hanging monkey using the branch to the left of it, then traverse the hanging vine.
A: Defeat the monkey throwing rocks and jump up and to the left into the hollow branch.
N: After the second Tantor section, drop down the cliff two levels.

Monkey Sketch 1: When hopping down the rocks near the waterfall, reach the second level down and move left.
Monkey Sketch 2: After the green mossy area, jump onto the hollow log.
Monkey Sketch 3: In the area with two long vines, swing from the top of the rightmost vine to land on a raised branch.
Monkey Sketch 4: Very easy to find, just above the end of the hollow branch containing the second A.

Level 4 - Stampede

Coin Total:
Knife Location: N/A.

T: Between the first two gorillas you encounter, after running through the termite mounds.
A: After escaping the rhino, jump between the two broken trees.
R: Follow a path of coins onto a log, run along it to be launched into the air.
Z: After the third monkey sketch, run to the left along the log.
A: Run along the log on the left hand side after the coin slalom section.
N: Right at the end of the level, in the middle of the track.

Monkey Sketch 1: Immediately after collecting the T.
Monkey Sketch 2: On the right hand side after collecting the A.
Monkey Sketch 3: In the air just after collecting the R.
Monkey Sketch 4: During the second gorilla encounter, run along the log the same way as you did for the R.

Level 5 - Coming Of Age

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Start of level.

T: After leaping over the frog at the start, make a big jump to reach the raised trunk and run around to the right.
A: Ground pound the green mossy area.
R: Use the vines to swing all the way to the right.
Z: When swinging out over the chasm, climb the vine and swing back to the left.
A: Drop down after defeating the baboons and run all the way to the left past a frog, then traverse a hanging vine.
N: Pass the bird's nest, drop down and run back to the left.

Monkey Sketch 1: After reaching the vines, swing back to the left and use the springy branch to jump all the way left.
Monkey Sketch 2: Jump from the raised mound high in the treetops and swing right from the vine. 
Monkey Sketch 3: When hopping up the tree branches from right to left, jump to the left and use the springy branch as before.
Monkey Sketch 4: Have the rhino run to the right and destroy the rocks blocking your path.

Level 6 - Sabor Attacks

Coin Total:
Knife Location: With the first A letter

T: Underneath the first tree you run along after fighting Sabor for the first time.
A: Jump left from the yellow bouncy plant, then swing left from the vine.
R: Ground pound the green mossy area.
Z: After climbing the cliff face, ground pound the green mossy area.
A: In a hollow tree past the two birds' nests.
N: Take the vine to the right from where you found the previous letter.

Monkey Sketch 1: To the right of the rhino.
Monkey Sketch 2: Bounce from the springy yellow plant. 
Monkey Sketch 3: After the second Sabor fight, drop down and to the right past the bushpig.
Monkey Sketch 4: When jumping over the bird onto the vine, climb to the top.

Level 7 - The Baboon Chase

Coin Total:
Knife Location: N/A

T: Middle of the path at the beginning of the level.
A: Straight after the T.
R: Slightly to the right side after the first monkey sketch.
Z: Hop over the gap following the second monkey sketch.
A: Right hand side of the tree slide.
N: Right hand side of the tree slide.

Monkey Sketch 1: Left side of the path following the first A.
Monkey Sketch 2: Immediately before a cliff just after the hanging snake. 
Monkey Sketch 3: Duck to the right immediately after landing on the tree slide.
Monkey Sketch 4: Left hand side of the tree slide.

Level 8 - Trashing The Camp

Coin Total:
Knife Location: N/A

T: Break the box at the start of the level.
A: Use the seesaw to get flung back over to the left to the A.
R: Bounce over the gap between the tents after going right from the seesaw.
Z: Run back to the left after collecting the first sketch and break the box.
A: Hidden inside the box after you run past the book-throwing gorilla.
N: On top of a box just after the second seesaw.

Monkey Sketch 1: Jump from the box on top of the barrel with the wooden ramp.
Monkey Sketch 2: Jump from the breakable box to the small tent and bounce straight upwards. 
Monkey Sketch 3: Fling yourself far left from the second seesaw.
Monkey Sketch 4: After crawling under the table, bounce high on the sloped wooden plank.

Level 9 - Campsite Commotion

Coin Total:
Knife Location: N/A

T: Head left at the start and bounce off the yellow plant. Traverse the vine to your right.
A: Jump past the men carrying boxes, then bounce off the suspended plank (use the seesaw to the right).
R: After collecting the second sketch, run back into the tent to your left.
Z: Run through the box underneath the plank and check the large crate.
A: Break the box immediately underneath the third sketch.
N: Bounce over the end of the level and climb the pile of boxes at the end.

Monkey Sketch 1: After collecting the T, jump over the gap to the next branch.
Monkey Sketch 2: After using the seesaw, jump onto the tent roof and bounce upwards. 
Monkey Sketch 3: When you scare the green bird, go back through the pile of crates.
Monkey Sketch 4: As the path diverges through the camp, run back through the crate before the checkpoint.

Level 10 - Journey To The Treehouse

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Jump over the baboon at the start and onto the raised branch.

T: From where the knife is, jump back offscreen to your left.
A: Above the weak section of the log over the pit. Move quickly!
R: Use the rhino to bounce up the left hand side of the tall tree.
Z: When you reach the split in the treetops, choose the upper path towards the coloured fruit.
A: After climbing the tall cliff (past the hippos) jump far left from the top.
N: When you reach the wooden bridge, jump into the crow's nest of the broken ship.

Monkey Sketch 1: When you reach the first thorn bush, drop into the pit and head to the left.
Monkey Sketch 2: Use the rhino to bounce up on the right hand side of the tall tree. 
Monkey Sketch 3: Head right from the rhino and do not climb up into the trees. Beware crocodiles!
Monkey Sketch 4: When you reached the embedded thorn bush, jump onto the overhead branch to your left.

Level 11 - Rockin' The Boat

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Break the box near the grating in the middle of the ship.

T: Atop the two boxes near the left hand side of the ship, by the ladder.
A: Climb the ladder near the T and head around the side of the ship (same as N).
R: After collecting sketch 3, head further around to the left.
Z: Jump from the metal girder after traversing the first rope on the right side of the ship and jump from the box.
A: Climb the ladder on the right hand side of the ship.
N: Climb the ladder near the T and head around the side of the ship (same as A1).

Monkey Sketch 1: Head all the way around the left side of the ship towards the lever.
Monkey Sketch 2: Climb the ladder on the right hand side of the ship and go underneath the pile of boxes. 
Monkey Sketch 3: Traverse all the ropes from the right side to the left side of the ship.
Monkey Sketch 4: Climb the chimney at the end of the level.

Level 12 - Tarzan To The Rescue

Coin Total:
Knife Location: Break the box near the grating in the middle of the ship.

T: Break a box at the left hand side at the very start.
A: Next to the crocodile just after the river jumping challenge.
R: Slightly to the right hand side during the Tantor section.
Z: After the first pit-trap during the Tantor section.
A: Middle of the path after the first fight with Clayton's henchmen.
N: Right at the end of the level before the parasol.

Monkey Sketch 1: After the river that must be crossed by jumping on crates.
Monkey Sketch 2: On the shore after the second river jumping sequence. 
Monkey Sketch 3: Immediately after the chasm following the Tantor section.
Monkey Sketch 4: Before the second fight with Clayton's henchmen.

Level 13 - Conflict With Clayton

Coin Total:
Knife Location: N/A

T: Above the first enemy in the level.
A: After the second pink fruit.
R: Immediately following the first crumbling section. Be careful!
Z: Shortly after the R. Will likely need a vertical jump, so leave plenty of space to slow down.
A: Straight after the line of advancing pangolins.
N: Above another cat enemy. This will be easier to obtain if you get hit by it and bounce upwards.

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