Hi, my name is Ollie.

I'm a third year student in Cellular & Molecular Biology at Newcastle University.
I run two concurrent projects, a guitar tuition website which you can visit here,
and the website you find yourself currently reading.

This creation is OlliePlays, my gaming & technology project where I like to kick back and unwind by
tinkering with various gadgets, creating tutorials or simply playing some video games.

If you enjoy my content, don't be afraid to use the contact link up above to drop me a message and tell me!
Equally if you have any constructive feedback, I am more than happy to hear that too, be it about
the stuff I produce, this website, or just the things you hate about me in excruciating detail, it's all good.

If you REALLY enjoy what you see, you can always leave a donation via the support page here,
bandwidth is pretty expensive, and videos take a long time to shoot, produce and edit.
I really appreciate any amount as it all helps!

Goodbye for now, and I wish you a very happy day.


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