BEAUTIFUL PLATFORMER | Ori and the Blind Forest Review

We see far fewer Metroidvania titles than we used to, whether it’s due to their frequent reliance on sometimes tedious backtracking or cryptic puzzles - nowadays they tend to be associated with more old-school gamers. I was very interested therefore by Ori and the Blind Forest, developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios in 2015, due to its combination of this nostalgic classic gameplay and evocative art style.

WAKKA WAKKA | Pac-Man World 3D Review

When most people think of Pac-Man, they (rightly) imagine the classic 2D yellow circle chomping his way around a maze chasing down ghosts. But in a long-running series with more than thirty games to its name’ as of 2016, how do some of the other ventures fare? I wanted to see if Namco’s beloved character could truly do something different.

Lugi's Mansion on Steroids | Alan Wake Review

I’m a big fan of survival horror games, utter wimp though I am, and also a keen reader of American horror author Stephen King - this is how I came across remarkably interesting-looking title ‘Alan Wake’ from Remedy Entertainment. Basically the entirety of the experience comes down to focusing a torch beam on shadowy figures then taking them out with gunfire - sort of like Luigi’s Mansion on steroids. But that’s not the whole story.

MONKEY MADNESS | Ape Escape Review

"I’m pretty sure most everyone is aware of this series at this point, and rightly so. Ape Escape was one of the premier 3D platformers released for Sony’s Playstation One console in 1999, and famously the first title for the system to actively require the Dualshock or Dual Analog controllers with their twin analog sticks to be played."

GOING FOR GOLD - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review

As part of my ongoing quest to experience as much of the PS3’s esteemed exclusive catalogue as possible, it was an inevitability that eventually I’d come into contact with famed explorer Nathan Drake and crew. So is this merely a genderswapped Lara Croft in a generic Indiana Jones-style escapade? Let’s find out.

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ANY DIRTY JOB | Devil May Cry Review

Interestingly enough, Capcom's Devil May Cry started life as the forerunner to Resident Evil 4, which we now know was one of the most famous horror shooters of the time. Designer Hideki Kamiya wanted a more cool, stylised and action-heavy experience than had previously been seen, which led to the creation of an entirely new franchise. So how does the diversion from Resident Evil’s tried and true formula stack up?